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Anti Ragging

Anti Ragging

In pursuance of UGC letter No- F—15/2009(ARC) Pt.III dated 13 November 2017. The impotent recommendations which call for an urgent action to ensure a ragging free campus in the report entitled “Psychosocial study of Ragging in sealed Educational Institutions in India”. 

Zero Tolerance to Ragging

As per Ordinance University Grant Commission (UGC) ragging in any form is strictly prohibited, within the premises of College/Department/Institution and any part of College/ University system as well as on public transport and elsewhere

  1. Any individual or collective act or practice of ragging constitutes gross indiscipline and shall be dealt with under this Ordinance
  2. Ragging for the purposes of this Ordinance, ordinarily means any act, conduct or practice by which dominant power or status of senior student is brought to bear on students freshly enrolled or students who are in any way considered junior or inferior by other students and includes individual or collective acts or practices which
    1. involve physical assault or threat to use of physical force
    2. violate the status, dignity and honour of women student;
    3. violate the status, dignity and honour of students belonging to scheduled castes and tribes;
    4. expose students to ridicule and contempt and affect their self esteem
    5. entail verbal abuse and aggression, indecent gestures and obscene behaviour

For any violation, action shall be taken, in accordance with the rules laid down by the College/University

Our college has taken several steps to stop ragging within and outside the College and near college premises.Members of College Anti-Ragging Cell went on a round in the college during college hours to control ragging activities. Several strict decisions were taken by Anti Ragging Committee to curb this offence. The students involved in ragging will be punished, rusticated and even expelled for a specific term as per decision of the Principal/ Vice-Chancellor. Several notice boards were fixed in the college at prominent places stating punishment for ragging. No ragging case has been reported by anyone this year.