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Alumnae Association

Magadh Mahila College Alumnae Association :
A Brief Introduction

The Magadh Mahila College Alumnae Association…
A- Resource
A- Community
A- Network
An- Opportunity

Theme: – ‘Empowerment of Girl students through Education as founded and established by the mission / vision of the college.

“The Alumnae Association offers alumnae life long resources to contact them with the college and alumnae around the world”.

The Alumnae Association of Magadh Mahila College was formed in February 15, 2004. The association is comprised of all graduates of the college and the former students who have completed at least one year of graduate study and who have left the college in good standing.

The College Alumnae Association under the leadership of Patron, President and its own elected Alumnae Board, with the support of alumnae office, develops, organizes and implements programmes that encourage volunteer service in support of the college. Initially the Body consists Patron, President, two Vice President, one Secretary, two Joint Secretary and a Treasurer. The Vice Chancellor, Patna University, is the exofficio Patron and Principal Magadh Mahila College is exofficio President of the association. Except the Patron and the President, other past holders are elected by the alumnae present in the annual meeting. Among these parts Secretary and the Treasurer must be the alumnae from teaching faculty of this institution for conducting all affairs of the association and other posts may be filled by those alumnae who are not the faculty members of the institution.

A meeting of the General Body of Alumnae Association is held once in a year. The first meeting of said association was held in February 15, 2004. In 2004, after  the first annual meet an ‘Advisory Body’ was formed under the President ship of the Principal for taking major decisions regarding the all around development and plans programmes both social and fund raising. It attends to all matters of the association.

In 2011, before the 7th Annual Meet the Advisory Body has decided to expand forms and norms of the association. The Body has decided that some important dignitaries from different field will associated with Alumnae Board as permanent special invitee members and three posts of Executive members will also be associated with the body.  The Body has decided that the members of Alumnae Board will meet at least once in three months or according to need for all around development of the association and the college.


The goals and objectives of the Association of Alumnae  of Magadh Mahila College, is to keep alive in the hearts of alumnae, memories of college, its ideals and the values and to remind the college of its daughter, who are scattered all over the world.

The Alumnae Association of the college fosters a strong sense of community and tradition; promoter lifelong learning enriches the personal, professional and cultural lives of our alumnae and was as support’s service to the college.

The goals and objectives of Alumnae Association is to deliberate a two key areas that act as a pillars of a dynamic and involving all departments of the institution which can be strengthened by the direct and active involvement of its alumnae.

The objectives are reflected in the achievements of our alumnae, our maximum percentage of alumnae are successfully engaged it government and private sector services.

Through its many activities, the association of alumnae works to promote the interests and welfare of the college and society, in the areas of concern to women.

Activities include honoring the award achiever alumnae, hosting a warm reception to all alumnae in the annual meet, administering a book award programme for girl’s High School students, design a rehabilitation programme for the women of weaker section, fundraising to support an undergraduate scholarship project for the students of economically backward class and for high marks achievers students, and also other activities, like sponsoring speakers on the topic related to awareness and multi dimensional development of women’s life.


  • Our outcomes are what students are expected to know and to be able to do by the time of their graduation
  • Our graduates will demonstrate the foundation, depth, and breadth of knowledge for successful careers in public and private sectors
  • Our graduates will demonstrate effective communication, dynamic leadership and learning skills
  • Our graduates will demonstrate that they have a sense of responsibility, are ethical in the conduct of their profession, and have an appreciation for the impact of their profession on the society
  • Our alumnae regularly performs better services in every field. They achieve remarkable success in Academics, Administration, Science and Technology, Art & Culture, Politics, Health, Judiciary Electronic & Print Media, T.V., Sports, Business and Social Service
  • The extent to which the programme is meeting these objectives is periodically assessed through instruments such as alumnae surveys and employer and recruiter surveys. How to increasing the professional growth, is our prime objective
  • Our goal is to continuously improve the programmer’s ability to meet these educational objectives. In this context our conventional and professional courses contents are periodically evaluated and adjected in order to further support ability to achieve the objectives and to perform better outcomes

All  the graduates of Magadh Mahila College are the member of Association of Alumnae and are welcome to join its Board. If they would like to be placed on our mailing list they may email  or call 0612-2219454/6410553. They may also contact Prof. (Dr.) Namita Kumari, Principal / President Alumnae Association, Magadh Mahila College at