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Magadh Mahila College Management Information System (MMC MIS)

To ensure the quality of education, working transparency, paperless office and students’ safety, Magadh Mahila College becomes the 1st Institution of the state that has implemented the Management Information System (MIS) in the College premises.
MMC MIS is going to provide a lot of benefit to Students, Parents, Staff, Teachers as well as administrator. For safety, now we will have data like their Image, Purpose of visit, ID Card information etc. of every visitors/person coming to the College. We have implemented the RFID Attendance System, that allows us to make attendance automated and more secure. This RFID System is available in all classrooms. Now we will have data of students’ entry time, exit time and their classroom attendance record. We have taken this one level up by integrating “Parents Portal”. Now parents will be auto notified when their ward will enter college also, they can check daily/weekly /monthly attendance of their ward.
The biggest advantage of MMC MIS is that now we can host our all courses/ classes virtually. All teachers are now capable of running online classes simultaneously. We have made a dedicated “Android APP” for students where they can see their scheduled classes according to their Course/Honours enrolled.
Students will receive Assignments, Homework and important Notifications through the APP and they can give online assessment test or examination also. Now students will have an option to raise a complaint through application if they face any issue in the College.
Now, in the Administrative Department, our Staff and Teachers have dedicated portal according to their roles. Attendance of teaching faculty and non-teaching staff will be done automatically with RFID devices and saved. The MIS will make things more transparent. From now onwards all the Income, Expense and issued funds will have digital records that can be accessed any time by the administration. The MMC MIS will make office paperless. It will be helpful for both students and administration. The complete cycle of student from application of admission to issuance of transfer certificate including fee payment will be done digitally. We take care of our students and privacy of their personal data. Keeping this in mind, we have implemented our own in-house private data server. This will give us more data privacy and security.

Management Information System (MMC MIS)

Detailed Features List

Detailed Features List

  • Access Profile / Student Dashboard
  • Edit / Modify certain information in profile
  • Access Class Routine
  • Access College Holiday List
  • Access Study Materials Uploaded by Faculty Members
  • Access Attendance
  • Important Links of Notice boards
  • Feedback Forms
  • Request for Various services (CLC, Migration)
  • Link to Library
  • Request in master data updating
  • Leave Application
  • Payment of fees for various
Student Module

Alumni Module

  • Alumni Registration
  • Alumni Profile Management / dashboard
  • Alumni Fee Collection.

E-Learning Module

  • Access uploaded study materials by faculty
  • Access Assignments Shared by college / department / faculty

Teaching Staff Module

  • Access Profile / Teaching Staff Dashboard
  • Edit / Modify certain information in profile
  • Student Attendance
  • Access Routine
  • Leave Application
  • Access College Holiday List

Office Staff / Management Module

  • Access Profile / Staff Dashboard
  • Access / Modify Student master data with all possible filters.
  • Access to various request of Migration / Master data updating / CLC
  • Reports for Fee Collection

Hostel Module

  • Hostel detailed profile
  • Manage Hostel wise / room wise inventory
  • Allot Hostel Beds / Room
  • Hostel fee payment collection
  • Leave Application

Asset Management Module

  • Keep track of all asset
  • Complete details with provision to add photo graphs of items also
  • Add / edit records
  • Item wise / department wise /Funding wise / purchase order wise report

Communication Module

  • Send alert SMS to Staff members with filter
  • Send alert SMS to Students with filter
  • Create notification course / year wise

Grievances Redressal

  • Students can complain for anything
  • Each complain is given a unique ticket number
  • Each such complain can be presented in thread view showing conversation between student and management
  • Department wise grievances redressal may be given
  • A Grievances can be transferred from one department to another department.

Parents Login Module

  • Parents can check the attendance
  • Parents can check the profile
  • Send feedback &complain to college

Library Management

User/ Student

  • user can register in LMS, after registration student account will activated after verified by librarian.
  • user can login
  • user can update their profile
  • user can search book
  • user can see their taken book with details like books submission date, book issue dates etc.
  • user will get notification if librarian send any message.
  • user can give reply of librarian message

Librarian/ Admin

  • librarian can login
  • librarian can add new book details
  • librarian can edit book details
  • librarian can delete book details
  • librarian can verify student details
  • librarian can issue books to students
  • librarian can add return books in stocks means student books return functionalities
  • librarian can see all books with stocks.
  • librarian can search books
  • librarian can search students
  • librarian can see that how many students have books right now.
  • librarian can send message to student regarding their books pending so student can see notification.
  • librarian can find books as per publication name or author name