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Infrastructure Management

Procedures For Maintenance Of Infrastructure

The college has a systematic and transparent system for maintenance of various facilities. All maintenance work has been done through tender system as per the standard norms. Institutional mechanisms for maintenance of infrastructure, facilities and equipment of the college are as follows:

Building Infrastructure

  • As a constituent unit of Patna University, constant effort is made to provide secure space for equipments and tools. The college Building Committee looks after the maintenance, repair and constructional works inside the campus
  • Construction, repair and maintenance of the building and physical infrastructure like water supply, power supply and gas supply are looked after by this committee
  • For maintenance of civil and electrical works a college staff is assigned by the college authority to verify the work done by the contractors
  • All works have been done through tender system as per the standard norms
  • All minor faults have been taken care by hired technicians, carpenters, plumbers
  • Maintenance of toilets and other service areas have been outsourced through outsourcing agencies as the norms prescribed by the university administration

Maintenance Of Furniture

As per the requirement of departments and office, carpenter has been hired to look after the maintenance and repair work of furniture, fixtures and other physical infrastructure. Work done has been verified by the designated staff.

Maintenance Of Laboratory Equipment

  • Each lab maintains a stock register of all the laboratory items
  • Dead Stock Register is also maintained to keep an account of the non-functional equipment
  • Equipments are checked elaborately on yearly basis. A committee of concerned unit is formed by the college administration which inspects and evaluates the current working condition and status of equipments. An inventory is managed at departmental level for maintenance of practical materials and is presented before the committee
  • Consumable items are also categorized separately and checked by the committee members time to time. The committee members give its recommendations whether repair or upgradation is needed
  • Departmental Council give requisitions for purchase of needed items after inviting quotations from different agencies which is then scrutinized by college Purchase Committee. After approval of the committee, required items have been purchased.

Maintenance Of Library

  • Departmental Council gives the list of books comprising author and publishers’ names according to the need and demand of students. The list is presented to the college Library Committee for sorting and approval and college fulfil the demand according to the available fund
  • For maintenance of books, library incharge teachers and non-teaching staff select damaged books for repairing, covering, hard binding or soft binding. For protection and maintenance of books vacuum cleaning and pest control has been done as a regular maintenance work.

Maintenance Of Indoor Sports Complex

Sports committee looks after the requirement and facility related to Indoor and Outdoor sports and gives requisition to the college administration for purchasing and maintenance of sports items and maintenance of Indoor Complex

Maintenance Of Digital Devices

  • Annual maintenance and software upgradation have been done through pre-purchased offers when new computers have been installed to save funds
  • Computers and ICT equipments which are not covered by this scheme are maintained by a separate requisition application as demanded by the departments
  • New purchase and upgradation are recommended by departmental council, which are to be recommended and routed by concerned college committees and then items are purchased through open tender
  • As per need of hour learning resources are upgraded time to time in the library