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Academic Opportunities

Academic Opportunities

In addition to the course curriculum of the Patna University, the College provides a host of active academic opportunities to its students to foster a culture of participative learning and cultivate a spirit of intellectual inquiry. Academic Opportunities for students at MMC include:

Value Added Certificate Courses

Keeping in mind to enhance the existing skill sets in students, the College has commenced several Value-Added courses with the aim to provide greater value to the existing curriculum and aligning it to the professional world. Selection to the Value-Added/Add-on Courses is generally based on certain parameters such as- Communication skill development, IT skill development, Management skill development, Entrepreneurship skill development etc. All Value Added/Add-On Courses are notified through the College Handbook, Prospectus and Student Life Page of the College website: Students are encouraged to actively and frequently visit the Students Life Page of College website for timely information. Throughout the session students are always encouraged to participate in co-curricular, extra-curricular activities like-seminars, conferences, workshops, debate, elocution, quiz, cultural, recreational, sports etc.
Every year, the College organizes a large number of lectures, speaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, workshops, outreach programmes, and other events to promote learning by engagement, interaction and experience through and academia-academia and industry- academia interface.
The College actively encourages students to contribute to such events, both as organisers and participants. The events are notified through Notice Board and the Announcements Page of College Website: Students are encouraged to actively and frequently visit the Announcements Page for timely information.

Scholarship / Awards / Medals For Excellence

In every academic year, to promote academic excellence amongst students, the College provides Scholarship and Medals to the Gold Medallists and Rank Holders in recognition of academic achievements in the University Examinations.
To promote communication excellence amongst students, the College provides Certificates and Medals to the best speakers on the occasion of College Annual Day.
To promote sports excellence amongst students, the College provides Prizes, Medals and Shields to the best players/ winners on the occasion of Annual Sports Day.
Medal and Certificate are awarded to the students for outstanding participation and organization of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities on the Campus and outside the Campus during all the years. The criteria/weightage for award of medal is as under:
i) Organizing ability 20%
ii) Leadership Quality 20%
iii) Active participation in various extra-curricular / co-curricular activities 60%
Medal and Certificate is awarded to the best debaters of the year: one in Hindi and one in English.
Social Service Medal is awarded to the best NCC and NSS Candidates of the College for the year.
Medal and Certificate is awarded to the ‘Student of the Year’ on the basis of merit and overall personality development of student.
Trophy, Medal and Certificate is awarded to the ‘Best House ‘on the basis of best activities performed by the House Members round the year under the aegis of ;Winner House’ on the occasion of Annual Day.
On the occasion of Annual Sports Day the College awards Trophy, Medals and Certificate to the ‘Best House Players ‘on the basis of best sports activities performed under the aegis of Winner House.