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Best Practices

Best Practices

BEST PRACTICE I : The institution has taken several measures for planting to make Green Campus.For providing healthy environment and quality life to the students, college maintains three ‘R’s’ concept – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to manage solid, liquid and e-waste. College maintains polythene free green practice within the campus through various measures. Solid-Liquid Waste Management Systemlaunched inJanuary 2019.The vision of the Solid -Liquid Waste Management (SLWM) project is to create an innovative, demonstrable and scalable model for decentralized SLWM, which can be replicated across the state Capital Territory of Delhi, in particular, and educational institutions in general. The project aims to transform the MMC premises into a No Open Waste (NOW) zone in the year. The SLWM project is a unique initiative that will position the College as a role model in Solid -Liquid Waste Management for other institutions. The project is the outcome of continuous and sustained efforts of the Centre for Green Initiatives of MMC.
Currently, the project has two major components: a) Decentralized Solid Waste and b) Transforming mind-set of MMC fraternity and building capacity of MMC staff for the sustainability of the project status in the long run. Under the project, theCollege has wide holistic mechanism to set up for management of solid waste comprising dry, wet, hazardous and bio-medical waste. A Sanitation Park is proposed to be set up for managing various categories of waste within the campus itself. The project also aims to look at the waste generated in the campus from an economic perspective and create value added products from waste through proper and scientific processing. The project uses participatory approaches for all stakeholder’s mobilization and collective behaviour change towards achieving decentralized solid waste management. A multi-stakeholder approach is being followed, that seeks to bring all internal stakeholder i.e. students, faculty, staff, cafeteria, hostels, shop and establishments visitors and residents together to participate in the dialogue, decision-making, and implementation of solution toward common goal.
The broad activities planned under the project are as follows :
  1. The College has developed a Solid-Liquid Waste Management Unit on its campus at the main entrance and a MOU was also signed with Sunai Consultancy (P) Ltd. for management and disposal of solid and liquid wastes.
  2. Conducting workshops and Awareness Programmes regarding environment conservation.
  3. Conducting a comprehensive situational assessment with solid waste mapping and bottleneck analysis.
  4. Creation of an innovation Sanitation Park within the campus.
  5. Process and supply chain outlined for collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of waste.
  6. Tie-up to be facilitated for safe disposal of hazardous and non-recycle waste.
  7. Capacity building, Interaction with stakeholders, mass mobilization and brand building.
  8. Policy guidelines for long term sustainability.
  9. Establishment of a proper monitoring mechanism for closed supervision.
Currently, the quantum diversity and the nature of waste generated in the campus across all its units and areas has been assessed through a week-long survey conducted in the January 2019 by the students in their research projects. The findings and assessment of the survey were presented on March 15,2019 in the Conference Hall to the members of the CGI who then finalised the strategies for successful execution of the project.

BEST PRACTICE II : Green Earth Brigade Cell, created by the efforts of Department of Botany, is the unit of our dynamic and environment enthusiast students. operating as a matrix unit consisting of four units-Operations, Research, Public Relations and Creative-carry the responsibility for a safer and healthier tomorrow. Equally dividing the roles amongst themselves in spreading awareness of the environment, our ‘GreenVolunteers’ flawlessly execute the responsibilities entrusted to them under the faculty advisors. Our young nature-conscious team of students across all courses and all semesters religiously advocate the generation of environmental care and the importance of its preservation while instilling in themselves and their peers an environmental caring lifestyle. With the motto of ‘Start Today, Save Tomorrow’, our student volunteers imbibe the value of caring first and consuming later.

Extension Activities organized under the aegis of Green Earth Brigadein 2019 On 13th to 15th July 2019, 116 students went to Gyan Bhavan, Patna to attend the youth skill development programme conducted by Bihar Government on 13 – 15 July 2019.Out of which 29 girls (Volunteers GEB) of B.Sc. part-III Botany Hons students participated in the programme. Students performed duty as volunteers in the programme.
On 9th August, 2019, a Plantation programme on the occasion of Bihar Earth Day was organised by Green Earth Brigade on the college campus. 40 saplings of trees shrubs and herbs were planted by the Principal, teachers and Volunteers of GEB.
On 11th& 12th November, 2019 A Training Programme – Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the area of Bio Science, at Wheeler Senate Hall, Patna University, organised by BRTC. 5 Students of B.Sc. Part I Botany Hons. and 5 students of Zoology Hons attended the Programme.
On 25th November, 2019, 5 Students of Botany Hons. (Volunteers of GEB) participated in a Seminar on Climate Change, organized by Prem Youth Foundation at Sri Krishna Science Centre, Patna

BEST PRACTICE III : The MMC House System with the name ofसहोदरा-The Daughters of Same Mother works for streamlining various activities to be taken up and giving space to students to develop all aspects of their growth and learning. The House System provides opportunities to develop in totality whether it is- personality, morality, creativity, knowledge and various kinds of skill. The House System promotes Core Values of Cultural Heritage of India- ‘Unity in Diversity and Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam’. House activities promotes excellence, dedication, teamwork, nationalism, mutualism, self-discipline, self-governance, initiative, perseverance and resilience among students in academic, social, sporting and cultural fields.

BEST PRACTICE IV : Activities from Campus to Community
Thirty NSS volunteers participated in programme organized by Dr. Atul Aditya Pandey, NSS Coordinator at Wheeler Senate Hall, Patna University, Patna.
Every year the faculty members of Department of Political Science in coordination with Election Commission, Bihar facilitates in filling up forms of young voters of the college for Voter I D Card, so that first time voters can receive voter I.D. Card in due time. They have also organized different initiative for Electoral literacy for the students as social responsibility initiative.
It was a programme organized by Election commission of India to createawareness among young voters for independent, neutral and peaceful voting for strong democracy. The students actively participated in the programme held at Adhiwesan Bhawan, Patna. 100 students participated in the programme out of which thirty students were from department of Political Science. They also received Voter I. Card on this occasion. Dr. Telani Meena Horo and Dr. Pushpalata Kumari, faculty members of department of Political Science, coordinated this programme.
Fifteen students of the college enthusiastically participated in Tableau of Election Commission, which was presented on 26th January, 2019 at Gandhi Maidan, Patna. Out of which ten students were from Department of Political Science.
Thirty NSS volunteers participated in March Past at Patna College in combined Flag Hosting Ceremony of Patna University.
27thMAY 2019: YOGA DIVAS
The NSS unit of the college organized an essay competition on the occasion of “Yoga Divas”. The topic of essay competition was “Importance of Yoga in Healthy and Successful Life”. Students from all department participated and expressed their views. They spread awareness about the importance of Yoga and its benefits. Winners were awarded with prizes and appreciation certificate.
28th MAY 2019: YOGA CAMP
On the occasion of YOGA DIVAS, NSS unit of the College organized one day Yoga Camp in the college premises. NSS volunteers and students from different departments participated in the camp. They were taught about the importance of yoga.  Many Asanas were practiced: like Surya Namaskar, Tarasana, Pranayam etc. A discussion session was held, in which girls expressed their experience and stated that they had a relaxed, refreshed state after the session. Many questions were raised which was beautifully answered by yoga teacher. The two days camp were successfully organized under the guidance of Dr. Kumari Rupam, Mrs. Ranjana Yadav and Dr. Ziaul Hasan.
The NSS unit of the college organized an awareness programme on HIV/AIDS and PPTCT (Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission) and Voluntary Blood Donation. The guests of said programme were Dr. Abhay Prasad, Dr. Anshu Singh, Shri Ashish Kumar, Shri Alok Kumar Singh and Shri Mithilesh Kumar Pandey, along with the NSS Programme Officers Dr. Kumari Rupam, Ms. Ranjana Yadav and Dr. Ziaul Hasan, 150 volunteers actively participated.  The main focus of programme was to explain the importance and proper way of blood donation including the problems caused due to improper way of blood donation.
Five Days Training Programme on Eve Teasing was started in the premises on 26th August, 2019 with technical support of NGO Prema Foundation, Patna and was by NCC cadets and students of the college. The Chief Guest of Inaugural Session was Sri Arvind Pandey, IPS, DG, Civil Defense, Bihar.  Its Valedictory Session was held on 30.08.2019 inthe presence of Chief Guest Brigadier Praveen Kumar, Group Commander, Patna Group and Guest of Honour Col. Suhel Kumar, Commanding Officer, Ist Bihar Girls Bn. NCC, Patna. Participation Certificates has been distributed among the students by the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour.
The NSS unit of the college organized a plantation drive on the campus and campus hostel.  Under the guidance of Ms. Ranjana Yadav, the programme officer of NSS, students and teachers identified roadsides places to plant saplings in a well –organized way.
An Orientation Programme was organized by NSS unit of the College. The guest, Dr. Atul Aditya Pandey, Coordinator, PU, NSS conveyed the importance of NSS in life, process of joining and mission of NSS to the volunteers. The programme was thought–provoking. Every NSS volunteers took part in it, by questioning and expressing their experiences.
The NSS unit of the college visited Panache Hotel, Gandhi Maidan in a programme organized there to spread awareness among the people regarding HIV AIDS.
Dr. Pushpalata Kumari, Faculty, Department of Political Science and Associate NCC Officer of college organized this Awareness programme for students with the help of City Traffic S.P, Community Traffic Police and NCC cadets of college. The objective of this programme was to make aware and educate the students to avoiding accidents and adhering to road safety measures.
Under “Gandhi Vichar Samagam” a series of lecture organized by Government of Bihar on the occasion of 150 years of Gandhi Jayanti held at Bapu Convention Centre, Patna. Total seventy students of the college participated in this programme, out of which fifty-two students were from Department of Political Science. Dr. Rishu Raj, faculty Department of Political Science coordinated this programme.
The NSS unit of the college with MSTC ltd.- A Govt. of India Enterprise, Patna organized an awareness programme on “Plastic Free Environment”. Mr. Ajeet Singh, advocate Patna High Court was the Chief Guest of programme. As a part of celebration, a debate competition was organized for students on the topic “Plastic Free Environment.’
The NSS unit of the college organized a seminar on the occasion of National Constitution Day. The Chief Guest senior advocate “Y. V. Giri” delivered a lecture on National Constitution Day.
On the occasion of World AIDS Day, the NSS unit of the college visited Eco Park to create awareness among the people regarding AIDS. 50 volunteers participated in a rally on AIDS with posters and banners covering the path along Eco Park – Airport – Eco Park. R J Chokha from 95.0 FM joined for creating awareness through entertainment. All the volunteers were provided with Jackets, Caps, Coffee mugs and food packets.
  • College Administration has been distributing Interest Free Loan to Class III & Class IV staff members of the College on need basis
  • Free education to 4th Grade employees of the College by faculty members
  • College organized 45 days free Computer Applications Course for non-teaching staff
  • Sixty (60) Blankets have been distributed to non-teaching staff and their family members
MoU Signed with State, Nation, International Bodies
Magadh Mahila College has signed various MoUs in order to enhance the consultancy services, industry-institute interaction and to promote academic and research activities. At the national level, the college has designed research and academic activities with University of Gujrat by signing a MoU on 28th January 2020 and with Ganpat University, Gujarat on 28th January 2020. The institute aims at holistic development of its students and in this connection, college has signed a MoU with Empowering Anirvana, Japanese Language and Culture Centre, Patna on 26th June, 2020 wherein the students will study about Japanese Language and Culture under 6 Months Proficiency Course in Japanese Language and Culture. Prior to this memorandum, the College has also started German Course under German Language Proficiency Programme.
At State level, the college in view of enhancing research initiatives among students signed a MoU with National HRD Network, Patna on 5th February 2018. The College is committed to provide entrepreneurship assistance to the young minds. In pursuit of that, a MoU has been signed with Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, a MSME registered partnership firm on 15th May2018. In this connection further, the College has signed a MoU with Atal Incubation Centre-Bihar Vidyapith Foundation supported by NITI Aayog, Govt. of India on 9th November 2019. AIC – BV has organised a workshop on ‘Women Entrepreneurship Development’ for young entrepreneurs sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology on 2nd February, 2021. CII innovation Club has also been set up in the College premises on 15th May, 2018 to further promote innovations and entrepreneurship development.
The College promotes research activities and in this line a MoU is signed with A.N. Sinha Institute, Patna on 2nd April 2018. In view of providing exposure and to strengthen the academic interest of the college a MoU has been signed with AMITY, Patna on 23rd April, 2018.
Other than promoting academic and research activities, the College is seriously concerned with securing and preserving environmental health. In this line a MoU is signed with Sunai Consultancy, Patna on 31st January 2019. Extending this, the College has signed a MoU with Suryam International Private Limited, a company registered under the Companied Act, 2013 on 16th January 2018. The company will design, manufacture, supply, install and other related works of 135 KWp rooftop Solar PV System in RESCO Model. This will help the institute in energy conservation which is one among its Environmental Policy which came into force on 9th October, 2018.
The institute keeps a proper check on health standards of its faculty, staff and students. In this regard a MoU has been signed with Red Cross Society, North Gandhi Maidan, Patna on 9th February 2019.
The College has signed a MoU with Medha Learning Foundation on 4th Nov 2020. The Foundation is constantly providing internship and training sessions for the students of the college. A total of 200 students are registered with Medha under LAB (Life Skills Advancement Boot Camp)programfor 1st year students and around 150 students are registered under CAB (Career Advancement Boot Camp) for 2nd and 3rd year students. Medha Foundation is providing internship as well as is making them capable in searching for internship according to their interest. Students have done internships with Bihar State Power (Holding) Company Ltd., Youth Dreamer’s Foundation, SIDBI, Koshish Charitable Trust, etc. to name a few via Medha Foundation.