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National Seminar on “Trends in Green Chemistry and Sustainable Development” (TGCSD-2024) February 20-21, 2024

A National seminar on “Trends in Green Chemistry and Sustainable  Development” (TGCSD-2024) was organized by the Department of Chemistry,  in collaboration with IQAC, Magadh Mahila College and Indian Science

Congress Association, Patna Chapter, Bihar at Magadh Mahila College, Patna, Bihar.

This seminar aimed to provide a platform for researchers, academicians and  students to discuss the latest advancements, research findings and innovations in the field of green chemistry and sustainable development. More than 200 students  and 100 Research Scholars and Faculty members from the various universities  and Institute of India have participated in the seminar.

The first day of the conference started with an inaugural session with a welcome note and conference overview by Dr. Amrita Prasad, Convener of the Seminar. Then lightning of lamp was done by Prof. Namita Kumari, Principal MMC and Honorable dignitaries. A welcome speech was delivered by Prof. Namita Kumari.

She said that sustainable development is pertinent in current scenario and more exchange of ideas and thoughts are required for it. She encouraged students to attend such seminars. The inaugural session was also address by Prof. Sheo Satya

Prakash, Convener ISCA, Patna Chapter, Bihar, Dr. Usha Kumari, Prof. Rajneesh Kumar. Inaugural session was followed by the technical sessions. The two-day seminar has four technical sessions to accommodate the large number of presentations.

Each session had a Chair and Co-chair, who were experts in the domain. First  technical began with the talk of Dr. Subrata Das from Dept. of Chemistry of NIT Patna. He delivered a lecture on the topic- “Technological Aspect of Visible light  driven Organic Transformation”. He spoke about the Photochemical reactors, its  modules, framework, its practice, drawbacks, potential and market demands of  photochemical reactors. Dr. Deewan Akram from Dept. of Chemistry of Munger

University and Dr. Vikash Kumar from Dept. of Zoology of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, PPU delivered plenary lectures on the theme of the seminar. Day 2 of the seminar started with keynote lecture from Prof. Vinod Kr. Tiwari, Dept. of Chemistry, BHU on the topic- Click Chemistry: A Nobel Prize reaction:

The growing impact in Glycoscience.” He explained of the key role of glycoscience in infectious diseases and vaccine development. Next speaker of the day was Prof. Lokman H. Choudhury, Dept. of Chemistry, IIT Patna who talked about Harmonizing Innovation and Sustainability: Green Chemistry Strategy in small and macro molecular sysnthesis. He explained about the recent  advancements in light mediated reaction, domino reaction, C-H activation and multicomponent polymerization using the concept of green chemistry. Dr. Tasneem Parvin, Dept. of Chemistry, NIT Patna talked about “Innovations in

Green Organic Synthesis towards Sustainable Solutions.” He talked about the pathway towards a more sustainable future in organic synthesis by maximizing  efficiency and minimizing by-products. The talk highlighted some of our recent innovation in Green Organic synthesis by multicomponent reactions. The last speaker of the day was Prof. Himanshu Shekhar, Dept. of Chemistry, VKSU. Last  technical session included oral presentation along with parallel poster presentations. Award for best oral and poster presentation were given. The two-day seminar was concluded with a valedictory session. Prof. Tripti

Gangwar, Department of Chemistry, A.N. College was chief guest for the  valedictory session. She talked about importance of sustainable development.Brief report of the seminar was presented by Dr. Amrita Prasad, Department of Chemistry, MMC. A valedictory address was given by Prof. Dr. Namita Kumari, Principal MMC. A few participants gave feedback on the seminar and the session concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Sujata Kumari, Department of Zoology, MMC.

Deligates and Students in seminar hall
Students attended in room no 72 on virtual mode also on smart board in college premises
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