The Department of English came into being with the inception of the college in 1946 headed by Prof. Illa Mullick till 1984. Subsequently Prof. Farida Kaleem, Dr.Suman Prabha Prasad, Dr. Manju Rani Sinha, Prof. Zaira Kaleem and Dr. Rekha Jha were designated heads.
Dr. Kamlesh Kumari  is the present head of the department. There are three more teachers. Dr Archana Jaiswal, Dr. Kamlesh Kumari, Dr. Santoshi Bhawani Mishra & Dr. Khushboo  are working as Assistant Professor. Mr. Sudipto and Ms. Apurva Paul are working as visiting faculty.

The mission of the department is to empower women through academic knowledge, spiritual strength, social consciousness and a positive self image. The department trains the students not only in academic field, but also provides ample opportunities for them to learn creative arts, social service, environment awareness, leadership quality and value based personality development. Department provides study material to students and helps them get books on subsidized rate.