Department of Chemistry Started in 1947. Honours teaching started from 1976. P.G Course started from 1984.
The Department of Chemistry was started in 1948 with introduction of the Intermediate Education in Science. Dr. (Mrs.) Rani Chakrovarti (Nee Mishra) was the founder Head and contributed to the introduction of B.Sc. course in 1966. Subsequently Professor Dr Sarojini Srivastava (1973–1991), Dr. Gomati Venkatraman (1991-2001) headed the department.
Dr Sarojini Srivastava elevated to the post of Principal of the college (1991-95). The B.Sc. honours teaching in chemistry was started in 1976. The M.Sc. course in chemistry started in 1984. The present head is Professor Dr. Rani Azad. The department has the distinction of being the first in the country to introduce a new course M.Sc. in Herbal Chemistry in 2008. The course was granted by U.G.C. under its Innovative Programme. The teachers of the department are actively engaged in research works as is evident from the list of publications in standard journals and production of PhD. Three minor research projects financed by UGC were completed successfully and one Major Research Project is going on under
Prof. (Dr.) Rani Azad. Department also conducted a large number of National symposium/seminar and workshop financed by the UGC and DST.