Magadh Mahila College, the oldest premier institution for women in Bihar,was established in 1946. It is a  multi faculty college, began as a Government College and today holds the pride of place as a constituent unit of Patna University, teaching a vastly diverse number of subjects and disciplines. Located in a beautiful campus on the bank of the holiest river in India, it stands tall in its achievements in providing quality education in an exclusive campus for women, providing myriad facilities. The college is permanently affiliated under section 12 B of U.G.C act since 1952. It has been reaccredited with “A” grade by the NAAC.

The students of Magadh Mahila College have excelled in academics, as well as in sports and music for the last six decades. They have also brought accolades to the college with their extra ordinary performances in software engineering and IT sectors. The alumnae of the college are holding responsible positions in many public and private sectors organizations as Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Academicians, Bankers, Software Developers etc. Some of them are successful entrepreneurs too. Our alumni also represented as members of the Lok Shabha, Legislative Assembly, and Legislative Council. Dr Kiran Ghai an alumna of this college has been elected as a member of Bihar Legislative Council for the second term (2010-2015). Dr. Sukhada Pandey, Former Principal was elected an MLA in 2010 election and joined as the Minister for Youth and Cultural Affairs, Government of Bihar.

A large number of our ex – students are working successfully as academicians, medical practitioners, engineers, bankers, defense personnel, judicial officers and civil servants. Some of them are also Members of Parliament and the State Assembly. A significant number has also joined reputed Scientific Institutions and Organizations as Research fellows in the country and abroad. Some have started their own NGO’s to enable the upliftment of the underprivileged in the society through various literacy, livelihood, health and sanitaion programs.


Our teachers and staff take a keen interest in students’ activities and work towards making the students realize the following objectives:

  • To be good citizens of the country
  • To pursue knowledge and apply it gainfully
  • To be committed to honesty, integrity and loyalty
  • To develop scientific awareness and scientific outlook
  • To rise above caste, creed and religious fundamentalism
  • To be sensitive to the needs of the weaker sections of the society
  • To develop sportsmanship and have respect for healthy competition
  • To be sensitive towards environmental degradation and preserve the ecology.
  • To be strong physically and emotionally and to be able to face the realities of life
  • To uphold Indian culture and tradition and to sensitive about other cultures.