The ‘Students’ Counseling Centre’ for the adolescent and young students of our college has been formed on September 10, 2011 by the Department of Political Science , due to continuous requests from the students of the college and some of the teachers ,and it has been successfully run by the Department. The body consists of Patron, Coordinator, Executive Board, Advisory Board and Distinguished Members from different walks of life. The Principal of the College is the exofficio Patron of the Centre.

            The primary function of the Centre is to help students to develop their personal capabilities. The Centre provides access to lots of self-help resources and other resources to help the students cope with the stresses and pressures they might be facing while studying here. These pressures can intensify at certain times of the year or can occur if unexpected problems arise in their personal lives. Friends and family can be very helpful but sometimes, they might feel that they need something more to help them cope or get back on track.

            The counseling Centre provides a free, confidential personal/professional counseling service to all students of this college. The Centre will also organize talks, workshops, health camps, and awareness programmes for the students. The centre also provides consultation to staff members, families and friends of the needy student who have concerns about her.  The Centre also offers training programmers, workshops and talks to concern field experts on relevant topics and in response to requests.

Mission:  Our mission at the Counseling Centre at College Campus is to promote the mental & physical health of all the students, to improve their quality of life and create a learning environment that facilitates their individual development. The Centre will offer a broad range of services including individual therapy as well as workshops and talks of areas experts. In addition to these, the Centre provides a range of programmers’ to promote mental health, emotional resilience and wellness throughout the campus community. Our Counselors and Resource Persons interact with students during orientation, conduct sensitization programmes’ and theme focused short term group sessions in the Campus. The Centre constituted for prevention, protection and action against sexual harassment.

Vision : All sessions are confidential and no information is revealed to anyone without the permission of students. The Centre will provide total privacy to students who need guidance and counseling. All matters discussed will be kept strictly confidential.

What we provide

 The Students’ Counseling Centre offers a variety of services to the College Students.:

  • Counseling Assessment: This is the step where services begin. Sit down with a caring counselor who better understand student’s issues and programmes at the counseling centre and the community that can best meet the students need.
  • Academic Issues Counseling: Academic difficulties, Adjusting to student life ,Ragging, Discipline,  Value of Regular Classes, Adjustment to new environment, Feeling of loneliness, Adjustment  to hostel life, Adjustment with roommet, Problem with  study techniques, Examination anxiety, Career planning.
  • Interpersonal Issues Counseling: Anxiety,   Depression , Grief and loss, Addictions (Substance abuse) Insomnia , Inter-personal relations (Academic) Inter-personal relations (Non Academic) Denial of opportunities, Any kind of Atrocities & Violence , All kind of harassments.(Physical- Mental ), Stress (Physical-mental ).
  • Relationship Counseling: ‘Academic’ : Student-student relationship, Relationship with classmates , Relationship with friends , Relationship with peer groups, Relationship with roommate , Student –Teacher relationship , Student- Non -Teaching staff relationship.


   ‘Family’ : Couple, Pre-marital, Marital,  Extramarital , Family issues, Inter-personal Issues (Family) Incest, Adjustment to family life .