National Service Scheme ( NSS )

Magadh Mahila College has had a long tradition of social activism. Its Social Service Society was originally called ‘Aloke’. In the seventies it was reconstituted as the NSS under the scheme launched by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

NSS started with the initial objective of ‘education through community service. Now it has been restated aptly as “Personality Development of the Students Through Community Service”. Two types of activities are conducted by the NSS viz.
1. Regular activity (120 hours in a year)
2. Special camping programme of 10 days duration.

The overall objective of the scheme is to sensitize students to various social issues. We do this through seminars, workshops and social service programmes. The major areas in which the NSS has been recently active are: plantation of trees, Adult Education, reading and writing for the visually handicapped, assisting economically weaker students with their schoolwork, visiting old age homes, organizing special camps for different purposes on different occasions etc. It is currently associated with the the Red Cross (for blood donations) and various NGO’s working on AIDS awareness. The NSS is also responsible for organizing debate competition, literary events, musical events etc. at inter-college level.
Programme Coordinators