College Emblem

The college emblem conveys the message of awareness, universal brotherhood and progress. The emblem comprises three parts.

The top left signifies awareness represented by the rising sun illuminating the writing implements. Awareness comes through effective education, self-realization and self-expression.

A flying dove with an olive branch on the top right symbolizes universal brotherhood, cooperative feeling, harmony and universal peace.

The aircraft, crane and crop depicted in the lower left part of the emblem, is the symbol of technical advancement and agriculture.

The emblem designed by the founders of this college represents its vision and mission.

 Our Vision

Pursuit of Knowledge, Promoting Scientific temperament, Protection of Environment, Preservation of National Cultural heritage And Traditional values relating to the welfare of women to bring in qualitative changes in the society.

 Mission statement

Empowering girl students through knowledge and skills to enable them to cope and compete with the demands of modern age.